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Tip's and Trick's


Habbo's who are in Habbo Club get this tool, if you type :chooser.

You can then select a Habbo that is in the room by clicking on their name in the box, once you have selected them you can friend request them, kick them ect... just as if you had actually clicked on them. This tool is very useful for kicking advertisers from the door without kicking yourself. Or for finding people in a busy room as the list is sorted alphabetically.


Type :performance and press enter.
This will tell you how much lag there is in the hotel.

Turning Your Badge On & Off

This works for any badge, Habbo Club or Hobba Badges, to turn off your badge simply click on it and it will be invisible to everyone else in the room.

The badge didn't used to stay off when you changed room, but Habbo have fixed it now, and if you turn your badge off it will stay off till you turn it back on, or reload the Hotel.

Putting A Scroll Bar In Console Messages

To do this, when writing a console message to someone, instead of pressing return to go down a line, press 'Ctrl' & 'Enter' then carry on typing. This will allow you to get more into the message, and automatically activate the scroll bar.

Putting A Third Line In Your Habbo Mission

Putting a 3rd line in your mission is simple, open up your Habbo Profile then in the mission line press Alt+0157 (make sure num lock is on) Space Alt+0157 Space, Space then carry on typing alt + 0157 Alt code until you can type it no more.  Then erase some at end and enter a 10 characters maximum, mission

Facial Expressions

Sad :( Crying :'( Mad >:( Happy :) or :D Surprised :o


People use abbreviations when chatting online, as it saves them from typing the whole word, here are a few of the more common ones you will come across on Habbo

asap As Soon As Possible
asl Age, Sex & Location (DON'T give this out online)
bbl Be Back Later brb Be Right Back irl In Real Live
lmao Laughing My A** Off
lol Laughing Out Loud
omg Oh My God
rofl Rolling On Floor Laughing
thx Thanks
wb Welcome Back
we Whatever

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